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  2. 24 × 36 flag kit from:
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  3. 24-200 Sony lens from:
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  4. 6 par (single) from:
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  5. 6 par (×12) from:
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  6. 6 par (×24) from:
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  7. 6 par (×6) from:
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  8. 6 × Light Duty Stands from:
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  9. Alexa PLUS Classic from:
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Rengo Studios Union Square is a new model for creative co-working spaces. Here, a coalition of related creative businesses collaborate in a flexible, open studio environment and share professional resources to help each other compete and grow. Customers and community members can rent the studio spaces for meetings, evening courses, film or photography shoots, shows, screenings, rehearsals, recordings and more, and can easily access the significant equipment, resources and expertise available from the Rengo’s member businesses for significantly less than other venues in the area. At Rengo Studios Union Square, we work together to help make your creative dreams a reality. Come visit the studio and see what’s possible today.

Interested in renting the studio for your next shoot, recording session, or event? Build a custom package for yourself using our simple online checkout (link), or choose from several pre-built reservation packages for popular rental types. Questions? Read our FAQ and see our rental policies here.

You can use this website to prepare and submit your order. Once submitted, we'll be in touch to confirm your requirements and schedule everything. No need to pay until later.

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    The popularity of space sharing websites like Peerspace has made booking time in a studio or unique event space easier than ever. Here are 5 great tips to have a successful rental:

    1. Book the time you need, then add a little more

    Make sure you’re factoring in time for setup and cleanup. If you’re running long and need some more time, always be mindful that other people may have booked or reserved after you, so check with the staff before running over your scheduled end time. Conversely, don’t show up way early either! If you think you’ll need more time upfront to set up or prepare for your rental, book that time so it

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