About Rengo Studios

We built Rengo Studios from lower than the ground up. No really — our first studio was in an industrial basement of an old envelope factory. It was cramped, loud, and dusty, but despite all its perceived shortcomings we packed the space week after week with vibrant theater performances, energetic live music shows, contemporary art installations, professional photo shoots, commercial and narrative video productions, community meetings, film screenings, product launches, yoga classes and so much more. We even squeezed an entire wet-process film developing and printing lab down there.

By pushing ourselves to maximize every square foot of that basement, we found a sizable demand for flexible and accessible creative space in Somerville and Greater Boston for people to gather, create, or be entertained. We quickly hit the literal and figurative ceiling in terms of what we were able to host in the basement, and moved into our current Joy Street location to establish Rengo Studios Union Square.

We chose the name Rengo because the word explains our overall approach to the space. It means “coalition” in Japanese, and comes from an understanding that the studio is made stronger and the surrounding community is further enriched by local creative small businesses working together in a shared space rather than individually on their own.

Rengo Studios is not just another co-working space, the same as it’s not just another photo studio or event venue. Rengo Studios is a business for businesses that is also finely tuned to the needs of the surrounding community — an open, collaborative workspace for nascent small businesses looking to grow together, a focal point for live entertainment in the Somerville and greater Boston area, and your next event or production destination.

At Rengo Studios Union Square, we have a Production Space, Gallery Space, Music Studio available by the hour or day; co-working desk space for Partners and Members available by the month, and in-house audio, video, lighting and event equipment for rental along with staff to fully support almost any event. Let us know how we can put these considerable resources to work for you.

We’re excited to grow with Somerville as the Union Square area continues to expand, and look forward to seeing you in the studio very soon.

Jim DanDee Joseph Dwyer Oleg Bolotov Owners, Rengo Studios