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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rengo Studios?

  • Rengo Studios is a business for businesses that is also finely tuned to the needs of the surrounding community — an open, collaborative workspace for nascent small businesses looking to grow together, a focal point for live entertainment in the Somerville and greater Boston area, and your next event or production destination.
  • Is it okay to take photos while working in or touring through the studio?

  • Of course! Snap away, just be sure to tag us wherever you post: @rengostudios or #rengostudios
  • What are the studio rental rates?

  • You can view our full rental catalog here: (link to all listings)
  • We’ve arrived early, can we come in and get started?

  • No. Early arrivals or load-ins are not permitted. Customers must book the actual time needed for the duration of their rental, including setup and cleanup time, and are expected to keep within these times..
  • We’re running behind — how does overtime work?

  • Customers have a 15-minute hard-stop grace period following the expiration of their rental before an additional hourly rental is triggered for the full rate of all resources in use. All crew, equipment and large trash must be out the door by the scheduled end of their rental. Successive overage hours do not carry a grace period..
  • What is included with my rental?:

    • All rentals include two folding tables, four chairs, assorted lighting gels, five sandbags, and six stingers. All Customers have the option to add additional equipment before or during their rental.

    What power, clearance, and/or rigging options do you offer?

  • Our largest room at the studio, the Production Space, features drive-in access through the 10’x10’ garage door. The room measures 65.5’x18.5’ with 11’ of clearance under daylight-balanced fluorescent house lights and 13’ of clearance to the concrete ceiling. The Gallery Space measures 34.5’x25’ with 11’ of clearance under standard fluorescent house lights and 13’ of clearance to the concrete ceiling, with eleven 20A single-phase outlets distributed around the room on separate circuits. The Gallery Space and Production Space are connected via a 5’ wide double door, and may be combined to rent out the entire studio for your shoot or event.
  • Can you put holds on dates?

  • We are not able to offer holds on dates. Dates are instead offered on a first come/first serve basis and require both a signed studio rental agreement on file along with a 50% deposit to reserve a date for a specific shoot which would then be subject to our cancellation policy. All rentals must be paid in full prior to the start of the reservation, with the exception of additional charges for use that occur during the rental (e.g. adding extra equipment, damage fees, etc)
  • How do I book time in the studio?

  • You can use our online reservation system to submit an inquiry for the dates, spaces, and equipment you’d like to use. We’ll give you a call once we receive your inquiry to confirm the details and answer any questions you might have. Once your inquiry is confirmed, you may pay a 50% deposit or pay in full. When you arrive at the beginning of your rental, a brief walkthrough with studio staff will show you to your space and reserved equipment, and then you’re free to get started.
  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the rental date of the rental for full refund. Any cancellations after that will result in forfeiture of rental fees paid. A rental agreement is date specific, so a request to change the date is considered a cancellation of the originally booked date and a booking of a new date. Funds are not able to be transferred from the original booking date to the new booking date under any circumstances.
  • Do I need to provide proof of insurance to rent the studio?

  • Crews, groups and individuals are strongly recommended to obtain general liability insurance to protect themselves while renting the studio, however Customers renting from Rengo Studios for small events are not required to provide a certificate of insurance (COI) in order to use the space. In the event of loss or damage to the studio premises or equipment, Rengo Studios is covered by its rental agreement which states that a Customer shall cover any repairs or replacements in full within 48 hours of rental date either directly or through their insurance. For larger events or performances, a COI, doorman and security staff are required. Please email us for more details.
  • Is there a floorplan of the studio that I can use?

  • Sure thing, here’s the link.
  • Can the walls be painted on or painted a different color?

  • No. Painting or re-painting a wall is extremely labor, cost, and time-intensive, so painting or altering the walls is not permitted. Two 6’x20’ cloth green screen options that can be hung for a shoot are available, as well as 10’x20’ white paper and 10’x20’ gray paper. Should you need a different color, let us know and we’ll order it to the studio for your shoot.
  • Can I shoot outside the studio?

    • Rengo Studios has no jurisdiction over any exterior areas around the studio. Shooting outside the studio is at your own risk and not covered by Rengo Studios.

    Can I use fake blood, glitter, fake vomit or other messy liquids in my shoot?

  • Use of fake blood, paint or colored liquids must be approved by Rengo management and Customers must also take precautions to prevent staining and damage. Use of glitter is prohibited. Flooring and furniture must be covered with protective tarps in area where fake blood, paint or colored liquids are being used. Splattered blood is not allowed; it must either be on an actor or pooled with multiple protective layers underneath.
  • Is the studio soundproof ?

  • While we are continually taking steps to reduce outside sound interference, our studio is not 100% soundproof. As our studio caters to a wide variety of projects, events and budgets where full soundproofing is not required, we accept our limitations and ask that groups renting from us do as well. Generally, the studio is quiet enough during the day for most recording purposes, and even quieter in the evenings after normal business hours.
  • Do you allow nudity in shoots?

    • Nudity for creative purposes is permitted at the studio, but full adult pornography is prohibited. Please also bear in mind that Rengo Studios is a shared workspace in use around the clock, and total privacy cannot be guaranteed.

    Are pets allowed?

  • Yes, but the owner is fully responsible for any and all cleanup, damages, or disruption caused by their pet being in the studio.