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The Music Studio is a concrete and cinder block room with positionable sound treatment against the walls and rugs on the floor for absorption. It measures 35’x18.5’ with 11’ of clearance under Edison-bulb house lights and 13’ of clearance to the concrete ceiling.

The audio quality of the room is the most isolated of any space within the studio, with very intermittent audible street noise or activity from the adjacent businesses. Please note that while we are continually taking steps to reduce outside sound interference, our studio is not 100% soundproof. As our studio caters to a wide variety of projects, events and budgets where full soundproofing is not required, we accept our limitations and ask that groups renting from us do so as well. Generally, the studio is quiet enough during the day for most recording purposes, and even quieter in the evenings after normal business hours.

Roll back the vintage warehouse door at the rear of the building and step inside the Music Studio, the perfect room for band rehearsals, tracking, mixing, recording, and all-night jam sessions.

Instrument, equipment, and kit rentals are available along with experienced audio engineers — let us know what you’re looking to do or need to use and we can put together a package for you. Customize your rental by adding AV and production equipment from the related products below.

We strongly encourage all potential renters to visit the studio for a quick tour. This helps answer any questions about our space in person and allows you to take photos and measurements to see everything you’ll be working with. Email to schedule a walkthrough.

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